In Innisfree, beside the green tea seed serum, the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is also right up there in terms of popularity. The Volcanic product line also contains the Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and Scrub Foam amongst others, all of which (according to Innisfree) are made from actual Jeju volcanic ash. And volcanic ash has been reported to be pretty beneficial to skin (preventing acne, restoring elasticity etc)!

I actually got a 10ml sample of the clay mask during my previous purchase, and never got around to testing it until a couple of months later. While I was not expecting something floral or fragrant given the name of the product, opening the lid for the first time still made me a little hesitant. While the smell is definitely not foul or bad, it smelled sort of like mud? Not something I am used to putting on my face definitely ;D But I at least was assured that innisfree did not add too much fragrance or chemicals to cover up the natural smell of the volcanic clay ingredients.

After using

Not sure if its because I left the sample for too long before using, or if its supposed to be this way, but the product was pretty stiff and hard to apply. I had to use quite a bit of force to smooth it over my face, all the while wondering if I am adding wrinkles with all the stretching. Using a bit of water over your fingers before dipping into the product helped, but it wasn’t a good first impression.

The product inside! 

After getting the mask onto my face, it hardened quite quickly. I then waited for about 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off. (Good thing is that it washes off easily!) Overall, the mask did give my skin a firming and cleansing effect, though not outstanding. I thought the capsule packs left my skin feeling firmer, and at less cost too.

It would be a decent wash-off mask if the application was easier (though I may just get the actual product to test it out in case the sample is just abnormally hard..) While I am quite neutral to the scent, thought some people might not like the smell of the mask too. All in all, not one of my favourites at this point!

Price: $20.85 for 100ml bottle

(Side note that the new Volcanic Colour Clay Masks look very promising though!! Great marketing move to come out with seven different colours to mix and match :’’) I….must…resist…. buying all…..)