The second in my ongoing experiment with hair treatment groupons (now renamed as “Fave” coupons) is at Essensuals Hairdressing. I got the $50 hair “remodelling” (i.e. hair cut la) and treatment package, since my hair is basically always in need of some kind of help! 😦

From what I read up before my visit, it sounds like the lesser cousin of the more upscale Toni & Guy chain. Not sure how much influence Toni & Guy has on this brand though. Unlike its more well known cousin, the Essensuals brand is only left with one outlet at Orchard Central, after its previous outlet at Bugis closed.

This outlet is accessibly located in town but because of the atrocious layout of OC, I think I spent ten minutes or more walking up and down weirdly located escalators and boarded-up shops. For anyone who’s visiting in the future, take the escalator near L2 Uniqlo / Lady M – it’s a more direct route rather than the central lifts.

There were only 2 or 3 customers when I visited on a weekend afternoon. The stylist attended to me quite quickly, providing me with drinks and advice on my hair cut, based on my preferences. Once we decided on a shoulder-length layered bob, he did the haircut pretty fast. I wasn’t even halfway past my Twitter timeline before he signalled me to get a wash.

After the quick wash, I had the treatment solution applied to my hair and was told to wait for 20 mins. This didn’t involve any hair steamer – my hair was just wrapped in a towel. The solution was slightly cooling to the scalp but else the whole treatment was quite uneventful. It ended with a standard wash and blow.

Overall, the hair cut was acceptable but the treatment didn’t really meet my expectations. Although my hair was smoother and straighter for the first two days, the effect quickly worn off and my hair got dryer and frizzier after. However, the experience was not bad with no hard selling and prompt service. For first time customers, you also get discount vouchers ($20 or so) for your next visit. I suppose $50 may be a reasonable price to accept for a satisfactory hair cut and smooth salon experience. For fickle groupon users like myself though, it didn’t provide enough pull for another visit.

<Image credit to Essensuals Hairdressing Facebook page>