Back with my second innisfree review! At this rate I should be getting some *ahem* freebies for my free publicity, no? 😉

This third product is none other than the very creatively packaged, handy wash-off mask series —  the capsule recipe packs!

They are usually located near the entrance of innisfree stores, packed in a beehive sort of wall space (at least those outlets that I remember), and in unique little tubs like those small butter tubs you get with your pancakes or bread on the plane. (lol..)

The good thing about this container design is that there’s a little flap where you can slip in the plastic cover on top, after you have opened it for the first time (so do not peel the whole cover off!!!). The amount of product is enough for at least 3-4 times (for me at least), so with this design you can actually keep it clean throughout the whole usage period.

There are around 12 different types of masks in this series, the last I googled, ranging from kiwi, to aloe, to bamboo, all natural ingredients that promise to keep your skin in its best condition. I tried the canola honey one, which claims to provide “intensive moisture and nourishment” – yup what i definitely need.

After using

Basically just dip your fingers into the product and spread them all over your face… and wait for this warm feeling to spread too! Not sure what ingredient specifically is at work here, but the product does make your skin feel a bit warmer (in a good way). The product is totally not thick or overly wet; it smooths over like a light gel, and dries after around 10mins, after which you can pat your skin and wash off the excess.

I do notice that my skin feels cleaner and tighter after usage! Not to mention innisfree products always smell really good in a natural light way, rather than coming too artificial or too strong. My only peeve is that the effect doesn’t really last that long, and my skin is back to its usual state after a while (like a day?). And also, you can get them in Korea at half the price!! TT

Overall, it’s an easy and convenient quick mask fix. Value for money since it can be used several times. Price: $3.70