I’m here with my first Innisfree product review! Innisfree has been my favourite Korean skincare brand for a while now; its simple minimalist stores and green philosophy (whether through their choice of biodegradable packaging design or natural ingredients) is what made it stick out for me from amongst the dozens of Korean brands popping up nowadays ❤

The Jeju volcanic pore line has been out for quite a while now, and consists of nose packs, clay masks and toners etc. I have only tried the scrub foam so far though, so that’s what I’m going to review here!

First up, don’t confuse yourself between the cleanser foam and the scrub foam! Both are packaged quite similarly in a squeeze tube, but they are to be used differently. The cleanser foam is to be used daily, as part of your face cleansing routine. The scrub foam is for the exfoliation we should do one to two times per week, depending on the state of your face (i.e. how much dead skin/ blackheads you have). Overusing the scrub foam will probably lead to skin being a bit raw or dry. I myself actually bought the scrub by accident, and only realised my mistake when I read the usage directions -_-

So according to Innisfree, the scrub contains “natural Jeju volcanic clusters and red clay”. I am all up for Innisfree’s focus on using Jeju or Korean natural ingredients, but I must admit I was initially a bit worried over whether the product would smell like mud or clay? If you are wondering the same thing, no worries! The product is kind of grey-brownish, but it smells pleasant enough, sort of like clean soap actually.

The scrub contains micro-bits that you should massage over your face, especially over areas that have blackheads/whiteheads/accumulation of dead skin. For me that would be the area around the tip and sides of my nose. Frankly, I felt for a scrub foam, the micro-bits were too little, and thus not effective enough to get rid of the dead skin. You could barely feel them on your skin actually. I usually just use the scrub foam in place of my usual cleanser for a bit of change. I would still go back to my trusty Holika Holika Sugar Scrub, which contains larger, more formidable bits that go over your skin a bit roughly but gets the job done. (Sadly, think Holika Holika counters are quite rare now in Singapore. Probably have to check this out online.)

But for those with sensitive skin or don’t really have much dead skin to remove (lucky you!) the Innisfree scrub will work as a nice alternative to the daily cleanser. It foams easily enough and does keep your skin feeling clean and fresh, keeping up to the standards of Innisfree facial foams. But if you are looking for something for exfoliation, this might not be the best scrub. Price: $15