A random review of my very recent experience with IKEA’s delivery and assembly services!

I was trying to look for info online while I was deciding whether to get this service, but didn’t manage to find much. So decided to put together the info for anyone who might need them (and for my own future reference 😉 )

IKEA Singapore’s website has a section on assembly and delivery services, but I personally felt the info is a bit all over the place and not extremely clear (Perhaps it’s because they outsourced the service to another company.)

I heard several people asking IKEA delivery/assembly counter staff to clarify on the charges, so I know I’m not the only one. Firstly, there is a big difference between IKEA’s delivery, and delivery + assembly charges.


If you just need delivery (i.e. just a truck to send your stuff to your doorstep), that’s straightforward. Up to 5 articles is a flat fee of $35, and up to 10 articles is $55. Apparently, if you can seal your smaller loose items into 1 sealed bag/carton, that’s counted as 1 article. No info on whether there are size limits on each carton, but I assume as long as it’s a reasonable sized one it will be accepted.


The complication comes when you need assembly as well. Immediately the charges jump to $55 for 10 articles! For me, I just needed assembly for ONE cupboard. It didn’t make sense that the fees start for 10 articles onwards 😦 anyways the staff’s explanation was that the assembly people (assemblers?) were different from normal deliverymen, so each trip they make is priced higher.  Meh. Then, depending on the type of articles to be assembled, there’s additional charges per article. Eg, an armchair is $18, but a cabinet is $38. (There’s a handy calculator where you can input the furniture code to compute the cost.)

I felt that the assembly charges were a bit too expensive. For my cupboard, the delivery and assembly cost was $55 + $38 = $93, which was like close to 25% of the price of the cupboard! But I gave in in the end because I am just hopeless at fixing stuff, and I would rather save myself the time and futile effort and heartache which I knew would be waiting for me at the end. (*dramatic sigh)


There’s another scenario which I had wondered about, which is what if I didn’t need delivery but still wanted someone to assemble my stuff? That’s actually possible! According to the rates, calling out a assembler to your house is $35. Then you add the additional charges per article. This is more for those who thought they could fix their furniture but had overestimated themselves… hehe.


Putting aside the charges which I felt were a bit on the high side, the delivery and assembly went smoothly. I got a call 1 hour before they came, and the whole assembly took maybe 20 minutes (since they were pros). There was a fair bit of nail screwing and parts being shoved forcefully together, which made me feel quite glad that I didn’t try to do it myself lol. But that’s just me. For people with experience and more flair for DIY furniture, and who revels in the sense of accomplishment of fixing your own cupboard, table or bed frame, go ahead and feel glad that you have saved yourself quite a bit of money!