Two Face Shop reviews in a row! In addition to the brand’s Mango Seed essence, I have been using the Chia Seed daily face cleanser for a couple of months now.

A nice big 300ml bottle!

The product is part of the Face Shop’s chia seed series of products, targeted for normal or oily skin. So for those with dry skin, the chia seed products are not suitable! For me, my T-zone gets very oily by the afternoon, so I decided to give this a shot.

For facial cleansers, I have a preference for bubble foam ones, which with just one pump, gives enough foam to spread luxuriously over your face and make sure every single pore is covered and cleaned *sighs* Though fair warning, not all “bubble foam” labelled products are of the same quality –  I have tried Skinfood’s Aloe Bubble Foam which was 80% liquid + 20 % foam and left my face feeling very unwashed.

Thankfully, the Face Shop facial wash is turning out to be one of my favourites so far!

After using

Look at these micro bubbles uwah

With just one small pump, you get enough product to lather over your face. Washing it off gets rid of the impurities and oil pretty effectively, and leaves the skin feeling lighter.

Chia seeds don’t have a signature scent (at least to me). The foam smells more like clean soap rather than something natural. Fairly comforting but not out of this world.

While it’s fair to say the Chia Seed cleanser is pretty good at what it’s supposed to do, my all-time favourite will remain innisfree’s popular Green Barley Cleanser! There’s a reason why the product has remained a mainstay in innisfree’s product line up 😉 The scent is a perfect blend between the clean natural smell of green tea, with a hint of barley and citrus. It leaves absolutely no. trace. of greasiness on the face after usage and smelling like heaven. I loved it so much I actually looked forward to washing my face..LOL.  But I am branching out to try other brands as well, though so far, nothing has been able to replace this one in my heart!

(I am a big innisfree fan, so there should be more reviews of innisfree products coming up!)

But I digress. Overall, the face shop’s chia seed cleanser is suitably efficient as a daily gunk-remover for oily skin sufferers. Price: $23.90