Can’t believe I’m this late to the korean 10-step beauty routine, but always better late than never right?

So I have always been pretty careless with my nighttime skin care routine. It was a slap-and-go affair with a splash of toner, some random moisturiser or cream I have lying around, and lip balm….

cue gasps of horror

while this has served me ok for the past years, as age catches up (urgh) i’ve been rudely awakened to what i have been missing out. truth is, i have to put in some effort to research what’s good for my skin rather than just picking something random off the shelves.

Product intro

My first step to this is to buy my first ever korean essence – The Face Shop’s Mango seed good radiance essence/ 망고씨드 착한 윤기 에센스. I’ve read that the essence is a pretty critical step in the korean beauty regime – so yes, curious about how this product will turn out! (FYI my skin type is normal for the most part, but gets a bit dry from being exposed to air conditioner air)

The box looks like this – it looks a bit different from the packaging I’ve seen in earlier reviews.


“Hydration intense” – sounds like just what I need 🙂 It contains “Sudanese mango extract” (no idea whats that but ok) and is designed to resolve dry skin problems (yay!).

Use this after your toner. To add some fun into your skincare routine, you have to shake the bottle 3 to 4 times till you see little “crystals” (visible blobs inside). Then pump the required amount onto your fingers and apply.

After using

Firstly, I like that it doesnt feel greasy. One thing i hate about some night creams is that they feel like an additional layer of grease on my face, and they get onto my pillow when i sleep at night. This essence is light and gets absorbed pretty quickly, and you feel as if there’s a smooth veil over your skin when you touch it.

I also love the light mango scent, not too overpowering :). There’s no need to slather on too much product as it slides well onto the skin, so I suspect I can use this 50ml bottle for quite awhile!

One thing is I don’t see a marked improvement on my skin condition yet – but to be fair, I have tried this for less than a month, so maybe I will give it more time.

Overall, recommend giving this a shot for the essence step of the routine!

Price: Around $25

Now on to my search for the perfect eye cream… TBC 😀