There seems to be more and more korean hair salons popping up in Singapore in the past two to three years! This is probably due to the unceasing popularity of korean dramas and kpop that’s promoting  korean beauty trends and hairstyles. Not that I’m complaining..

Iconic Korean Hair Studio is one of the newer kids on the block. They offer a groupon that includes Hair colouring or highlights, and wash and blow for $48. You will have to pay additional if your hair is over a certain length (mid-back i think) and you can also choose to top up $10 for treatment.

It can do no wrong location-wise. Its only outlet is located at Raffles Place, just next to the MRT station. I visited on a weekend morning, and  there were already 4 to 5 customers. There was also a steady stream of customers over the 3 hours that I was there for, so do make a reservation before coming down.

Although i was a groupon customer, I didn’t feel that I was treated differently. Because I had already bleached my hair once, and the faded colour was really horrible, I wanted to know what colour would help to salvage it. The stylist made an effort to check with me on my preferences and made recommendations for my hair colour. I appreciated that he was patient with my fickle mind :p

While waiting for the dye to set it, there’s free wifi to while the time away. There are kpop songs in the background to relax to, haha. After washing off the dye, I got the treatment done as well. It was supposed to help keep the colour in for longer and also repair the damage my previous bleaching has done to my hair. That, plus the extra I topped up for my long hair length, came up to $80 in addition to the $58 I paid for the groupon. I guess that’s the standard market rate for colouring + treatment (at a proper salon).

I was pretty satisfied with my hair colour in the end. One month plus on, the colour has not faded that much, and my bleached strands don’t look too dry or limp.

Another plus is that they are not pushy and are pretty friendly overall. So overall, do give this a shot!

<Image credit to Iconic Korean hair studio Facebook page>