(Photo credit to Just10 Group)

In contrast with Groupons for yoga trials, Groupons for hair treatments are dime a dozen. This means I had to trawl through pages after pages to find the most suitable hair treatment session.

It goes without saying that salons offering Groupons do so to attract customers to sign on to their packages, or at least add-ons to the Groupon service. The difference is only in their attitudes while doing so: are they hard-selling and pushy, bordering on rudeness in pestering you to fork out more money? Or are they understanding and back off when you reject politely?

Just10 thankfully falls in the latter category. A caveat is that the experience might differ across their outlets (I did mine at Far East). Though the hairstylist kept going on about their hair packages and products, at least he didn’t come across rude and pushy. A half-hearted “oh.” in response to the $45 hair tonic he was recommending, and he got the message.

The treatment is quite standard. I get a wash, and then a treatment serum, and the argan oil onto my hair. I get a nice strong head massage at it and then I get a steaming machine (touted to be able to “kill bacteria” and “boost hair growth”) over my hair. Cynical me wonders how hard it was to install all that red and blue led lights in the machine. But well, giving my hair some steam and harmless water vapour at the very least won’t hurt, right?


The steaming machine lol.

I’ve read some reviews of just10’s loreal reviews, so I was prepared to fork out an extra $25 for the machine, in addition to the treatment. Never believe hair treatments can be priced at just $18. At that price, it probably won’t work heh.

I get another wash after the steaming, and then hair tonic plus blowing. It’s now two days after the treatment and my hair feels smoother, but I feel it has gotten frizzier.

Just10 hair treatment package

They offer a package of three treatments (including use of the machine) at $38 each, and available for use at any of their five outlets. IMO, you might get better treatments elsewhere for that price.