(Photo credit to Platinum Yoga)

So Platinum Yoga (PY) isn’t one of the better-known yoga places in Singapore, as compared to the likes of Real Yoga or True Yoga. It has a modest three chains around Singapore (Jurong, Suntec and Marine Parade), putting it somewhere between boutique yoga studios and big established players.

The reason why I took the plunge with their Groupon was quite straightforward la. Location, and lack of variety in Groupon offerings… (when I checked in Sept, there were only three yoga studios offering Groupons, and the prices are pretty similar.) So it was more of seeing which studios were nearer to my place, and the PY at Marine Parade won out.

I didn’t have much background in yoga, only did weekly lessons for three months plus at a CC (with like 30 people crammed into a function room, and half the time I was late and at the back and couldn’t see what the teacher was doing, and ended up following people around me who were at times doing different poses… LOL). So that kinda killed my drive to learn yoga for a bit. So all in all I am pretty much a beginner to yoga.

Groupon experience

After I bought the groupon, I called them up (Note – Groupon users have to call to book for every class, as they don’t give you the access to their online portal for members. You can check the schedule online and call them to book) and asked what classes are suitable for beginners. The receptionists are generally quite friendly and quick so no problems with that.

At my first class, the receptionist showed me how to check in for the class (your name should be on the ipad located at the counter), and the locker facilities etc. Definitely nothing fancy. The locker area has one hairdryer and one mirror and some makeup remover wipes. The plus is there is a nice view of East Coast Park from there. There are also two toilets and a few showers in a separate area.

The studio is also split between two floors, so sometimes you put your stuff and go downstairs for your class.

Since I picked only those classes that were more suitable for beginners, the classes are generally manageable. But I do simple stretches at home every day so that might have helped. I would advise people who have not stretched since school days to practice a bit at home first before starting yoga in general, or else a bit awkward la esp if you are surrounded by veterans.

Depending on the class, instructors can be no-nonsense, or the friendlier type who strikes conversation throughout the class. I’m totally fine with both!

Aerial yoga seems to be the highlight at the studio, with a constant waiting list for the class. I self assessed that I am probably not at that level yet and better not stress out the instructors/risk my life at this point. (Check out this article for what to expect for aerial yoga)

Platinum yoga package price

Honestly I was a bit hesitant when I was asked if I wanted to continue. Their prices are pretty much market rate I feel. During their promotion, the package for 25 classes was $598, working out to $24 per class. In comparison, Yoga Movement offers a package for about $18 per class. PY also offers an unlimited 6 month package for $1,200-ish, if I’m not wrong. But in the end I gave in in part because I felt I really needed the push and motivation to continue with yoga or exercise in general. Sad to say I generally lose the drive to move if I don’t feel the pinch (case in point, my weekly jogs that cost absolutely $0 and thus did not motivate me to continue past two months). 🙂

Can’t really give a good comparison since I haven’t tried other yoga studios yet. But my experience so far has delivered on my expectations I guess – clean facilities, good workout, fair prices. The price might be the factor that drives me to the next yoga studio though.. 😛